Razer’s Project Christine

Hi all, i’ve promised to write more right ? so here it is, now i will talk about the Project Christine

What is Project Christine ? In short, it is a PC version of Motorola’s Project Ara. It is a modular, easy to upgrade, mineral oil cooled PC.

It consists of the base tower, and the module. Each module has its components mineral cooled. So to assemble the Christine, it’s just as easy as plugging in the module, and boot up.

Razer make this project for the newbies to the PC gaming community. They can’t assemble a PC, but they want the best possible performance. “Why not buy a powerful gaming laptop then ?”. If that is your question, because they also want to upgrade to the new product when it comes out. If they buy a laptop, you can’t upgrade it and it becomes obsolete.

Christine is the perfect choice for those who want the best perfomance, but don’t want to get busy upgrading and doing maintenance to their PC. But for modders and tweakers out there, i think it’s not a product for them, because you don’t have the flexibility to modify your Christine, you just plug the module, then boot up. The modders prefer assembling their own PC, mod the case, add a watercooling components, and so on.

So that’s it for the Christine, see you next time