Motorola’s “Project Ara”

diwang’s here, now i want to talk about a new concept of a smartphone, a modular smartphone.

One month ago, Dave Hakkens reveals his idea about “Phonebloks”. Basically, it’s a modular smartphone with detachable blocks, which is the component. When the component broke, you can replace the block with a new one. Therefore we can reduce electronic waste. In his Phonebloks video, he was asking for Thunderclap support to show the world that we want a phone worth keeping. So he got more than enough support and sent the blast to smartphone companies.

So the project is gone viral and moving to the next level. Dave talks with the smartphone companies and there’s one company that has the same vision with him : Motorola. Google owned Motorola has been working on a modular smartphone project since 1 year ago, which is the time when Google bought Motorola. Maybe this is one of the reason why Google bought Motorola. Then, Dave and Motorola works together to make a modular smartphone, the “Project Ara”.

Basically, it has the same concept with Dave’s Phonebloks, but with better design and more realistic concept. With Google and Motorola supporting the project, The modular smartphone project has a bigger chance to happen. The alpha version of Module Developer Kit (MDK) will release sometime this winter. Let’s see what will happen next. I think this project will change the smartphones world.

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