Icons, They Capture My Heart

I’ve been interested in the Windows 10 ecosystem lately. One day, i came across this picture :

First, I have to admit I lose the original point of the picture. But do you see those devices ? Do you see that black, rectangular, and bezelless laptop ? Do you see that simple, modern, and angular tablet and phone ? They’re interesting.

But, what laptop is that ? Turns out, it’s just an icon

Yes, it’s just an icon. It only exists in the creator’s imagination to represents the software it showcased. That’s a shame, it’s beautiful.

Take a look at another example :

I saw this picture from Evernote’s website. That looks like a Nexus, a Samsung tablet, an iPhone, an iPad Mini, an Apple Watch, and an incredible-looking desktop; a white, simplistic, and elegant desktop. But what desktop is that ? That’s definitely not an iMac despite it’s running MacOS.

It’s another icon that wins my heart.  And there are many more.

And why on earth an icon is better than its real life counterpart ? Why some imagination of a software company is better more than an actual product from a hardware company ? Why they don’t exist ?

I think device-maker shouldn’t think too hard for inspiration. Just think of something simple and deliver some good experience like a good company should.

And I think this world will be a better place to live.