Arma 3 Review: The Real War Game

Hello all, diwangs here, now i want to tell you about my experience with Arma 3.

 When i play this game for the first time, I was confused with the control — maybe because i haven’t played the previous Arma games — i think the control will be the same as the other shooter games. When i want to change weapon, i think it will be as easy as scrolling the scroll button, i was wrong, it displays some list that one of them is changing weapon, then i found another problem, how to chose one from the list ?

Suddenly i realize that this game isn’t an ordinary shooter game : it’s way more realistic. The enemy is way smarter, there’s bullet drop, hold breath to steady aim, fully adjustable stances, no auto-heal, limited weapon, etc. There’s even a salute animation if you want to do it. And other great thing is you can switch from first person to third person on the fly.

There’s many things you can do in the Arma 3, you can command an attack, call an artillery attack, heal teammates, ride a helicopter (hard as hell), ride a jet, transporting a squad in a helicopter, and you can even do scuba diving. By the way, the game takes place in 2035, so there’s some things that doesn’t exist in the real world.

The Arma 3’s graphic is beautiful, but it’s not mind-blowing graphic like the Crysis 3 has. The graphic is as beautiful as current game graphic : Splinter Cell Blacklist, Battlefield 3, Farcry 3, etc.

Unfortunately, i think the most disappointing things in the game is the animations. For some animations, it’s good, like setting stances, running, walking, heal self (yes you can do that with a first aid kit). But i found a lot of ‘unfinished work’ animation, for example if you want to ride a tank, the character just walk straight into the the tank without opening a hatch or something. Another example is when the character is in the crouch or prone stance and then aiming to the left or right, the character just rotate without any body parts move. That’s just unrealistic. And those are just 2 of them. many more animation are bad and i can’t explain it with words. for once i was thinking ‘is it a beta version’.

Conclusion :
I think Bohemia Interactive did a really good job. I don’t feel i was playing a game, i feel like i’m in a war, because it has way too realistic gameplay. Too realistic too handle actually. I think the disappointing animation and the complicated control is forgivable and you’ll get used to it. If you want a real war game, you should try this game.