Android feat. 64-bit Processor: The Hype

Hi all, now I want to talk about Android with 64 bit processor

So, In 2013 Apple release the iPhone 5S, their new flagship smartphone. Basically it is just a minor upgrade from the iPhone 5, but what really interest me, the iPhone 5S got a 64 bit processor. In my mind I was like “what for ?”.
So, I began my research about 64 bit processor. I’ll sum it up, the most important advantage of 64 bit are : More processing power and supports more than 3GB RAM.

It will be great to have a 64 bit processor on Android, because it supports more than 3 GB of RAM, maybe real multitasking is possible in the future Android, and more powerful processing power too, maybe sometime in the future you can render a Full HD video on your phone, who knows. And don’t forget that Android is open source, maybe some developers out there will create some awesome application with the processing power of a 64 bit processor. Maybe someone will create a Windows emulator. hey it’s possible.

FYI, a 32 bit designed application can run in a 64 bit processor, but a 64 bit designed application can’t run on a 32 bit processor. So make your decision wisely if you wanna buy a new phone. If Motorola Ara already comes out, you can just upgrade the CPU.

Fortunately, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that comes out in the late 2013 has 3 GB of RAM, so it’s a sign that 64 bit Processor of Android is coming soon, probably in 2014. Yay.

Ok, so that’s it for today, I promise I will write more.